When others buy in knowledge from outside, we just go next door.

Only someone who understands retail can accurately evaluate the consequences for retail properties. Our service spectrum provides the answer to each and every problem. This is made possible by our group of companies comprising BBE Handelsberatung, IPH Handelsimmobilien and elaboratum New Commerce Consulting with a total of over 170 retail specialists - a collaboration between our businesspeople, property professionals, economic geographers and e-commerce specialists working closely together.

For many decades we have been developing future-orientated solutions to issues in the retail and real estate economies: BBE Handelsberatung has been the leading retail specialist in Germany for 65 years and IPH has been a premium retail property service provider for over 25 years. Elaboratum celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2020.

Retail specialists
Real estate experts
Multi-channel specialists
Added value for your property.

This is how you benefit from our group of companies:



greater degree
of letting success

  • access to senior management

  • we know the expansive local heroes


practical planning
application strategies

  • regional know-how on urban planning and state planning control

  • own purchasing power and retail centrality indicators


effective digital
real estate marketing

  • 50 in-house digital experts

  • own training programme for center managers



  • own market research 

  • access to up-to-date market and sector data

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