Designing rather than managing.

The changes in the bricks-and-mortar retail scene now demand new approaches to center management and marketing. This particularly applies to the pro-active management of your property.

We believe in individual solutions to the specific requirements of a shopping center in its market context. The differentiated positioning is the key to optimal performance.

Knowledge of the individual location and catchment area, customers and competition, landlords and tenants, technical building structure and reliable commercial management are every bit as important for superior property management as an implementation-focussed  hands-on can-do approach.

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Tailored management tools such as Center Navigator, Core Area Monitoring, Marketingplan-360, IPH Service Standards and Digitaler Immobiliencheck help us to create pro-active solutions for current challenges facing your shopping center.

Our team of over 70 experienced and independent management specialists will put heart and soul into the success of your retail property.

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Center management
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Client focus 2.0  – a state-of-the-art center management understands first and foremost the needs of people and where they live. This ensures focus on footfall and customer loyalty.

Shopping online is typically done from somewhere the customer feels comfortable. Consumers also expect comfortable places to go shopping, if they still go shopping at all.

  • Development & design of a pleasant customer journey
  • Introduction of contemporary customer services
  • Development of digital conveniences during the visit
  • Establishment of a “third place” for people and communities (clubs, schools, children’s day nurseries etc.)
  • Review of center performance standards (cleanliness, security, services, tenants)
  • Regular tenant communication with performance questionnaire and exchange of information
  • Maintenance of contact with authorities, politicians and the economy
  • Owner reporting
Center Marketing
Center marketing
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Center marketing is key – and is now the principal discipline in the operational management of retail properties

Shopping center owners and other high-footfall retail destinations must significantly improve and professionalise their marketing efforts if they do not want to lose touch.


  • Specialised analyses and in-depth market research studies (e.g. Core Area Monitoring, customer survey, Digitaler Analysecheck)
  • IPH Marketingplan-360 offers holistic and targeted market analysis and efficient budget planning
  • Development and management of digital and social media channels (web/facebook/Instagram/blogs/newsletters/digital CRM) 
  • Development of position-enhancing event strategies and projects
  • Advertising agency  screening and selection
  • Management of the advertising association
Technical property management
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Know-how in technical property management

We bring all-round knowledge and many years of experience to building management and tenant co-ordination for the sustainable operation of your property.

  • Comprehensive planning and management of building technical services
  • Annual budgeting for technical management
  • Planning and management of maintenance projects 
  • Planning and management of owner’s CapEx projects
  • Instruction and controlling of service providers
  • Supervision and controlling of security checks
  • Co-ordination and controlling of tenant fit-out
  • Handover, return and approval of tenant fit-out
Commercial property management
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Your specialist for commercial property management

Our collaboration with our joint venture partner IC Immobilien Gruppe ensures the smooth commercial management of your property.

  • SAP-based property management systems (SAP, ERP, MySAP)
  • Tenant co-ordination
  • Budget planning and controlling
  • Receivables management
  • Operating cost planning and service charge reconciliation
  • Insurance management
  • Property book-keeping 
  • Reporting & IT in accordance with international reporting standards