Tailored positioning
with a focus
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Standard off-the-peg solutions are a non-starter given the current environment in the bricks-and-mortar retail segment: your property deserves clear positioning.

We offer you comprehensive and consistent analysis resulting in a clearly defined action plan for the positioning of your retail property. We are also in a position to develop and implement a revitalisation concept together with our specialist retail letting team.

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Lars Jähnichen

Managing Director
IPH Handelsimmobilien GmbH & IPH Transact GmbH
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Why you should work together with us.

The collective knowledge of our group and the full commitment of our letting team for the benefit of your property.

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Positioning – tailored and interdisciplinary

There are no off-the-peg solutions in the complex retail property environment due to the competition from e-commerce, falling footfalls, shorter lease terms and with break options now a standard feature in new lease contracts. We develop detailed location-specific positioning solutions together with our interdisciplinary team, focussing on:

  • Evaluation of the macro and micro locations
  • Analysis of all relevant location factors
  • Detailed competition analysis
  • White spot analysis
  • Analysis of the sector mix
  • Performance and lease contract analysis from the tenant’s viewpoint
  • Footfall count and analysis
  • Operating cost analysis
  • Review and improvement of welcoming features
  • Evaluation of the quality of service 
  • Analysis of the marketing and online presence
  • Identification of key performance indicators
  • Compilation of a SWOT analysis
  • Clearly defined action plan
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Revitalisation – recognising potential, leveraging values

Our work is based on a clear positioning concept.

  • Preparation of  detailed letting concept
  • Derivation of a current market rental income forecast
  • Development of a concrete package of projects focussed on letting and architecture
  • Feasibility study for proposed projects 
  • Management of the building permit process and discussions with politicians, authorities, the public sector and creation of an impact analysis
  • Management of architectural competition
  • Compilation of clear briefings for the planning team
  • Selection and management of the external planning team
  • Project management for retail space
  • Co-ordination of retail tenants
Points of contact

Lars Jähnichen

Managing Director
IPH Handelsimmobilien GmbH & IPH Transact GmbH